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CNBM got PAC on Bali Hai Brewery Expansion Project


CNBM as a general contractor on BALI HAI BREWERY EXPANSION 500,000 HL PER YEAR PROJECT was awarded Provisional Acceptance Certificate on Jan. 26th, 2016. CNBM completed all obligations under the contract smoothly based on excellent technology and responsible work attitude, the production lines at Bali Hai Brewery are running well now. All technical indexes reached optimal level standard, which were well received by the owners.


Bali Hai Brewery Expansion is a renovation project of the whole production lines, it includes raw material handling plant, brew house, fermentation system, filtration system, CO2 recovery system, waste water treatment plant etc. The previous production is too old, the factory pollution is too serious, brewery renovation items are too much, project location is hot and rainy, all these objective factors brought too much difficulty on this project development. This renovation project is different with new project, it requires engineers not only know design standards of new equipment well, but also are familiar with technical features of all old equipment in order to ensure old system and new system can work very well together. So to speak, this project is a very tough renovation project in CNBM overseas engineering history. CNBM leaders the vice president Mr. Ma Jianguo, assistant president Mr. Wei Feng, deputy general manager Mr. Wu Jian in CBMIE, general manager Mr. Zhang Liao, assistant general manager Mr. Xu Zhibin etc. came to project site for work inspection and guidance.


The success of Bali Hai Brewery Expansion Project not only established the brand image of CNBM, but also built up the foundation of developing Southeast Asian markets around Indonesia in future. Furthermore, it fulfilled the development strategy of “the Belt and Road Initiative” that China initiated. Meanwhile, beer production of this project in time solved the problem of beer capacity bottleneck and short supply and promoted ecnomic benefit greatly for Bali Hai Brewery. Based on the success of this project, we expect that CNBM would have more and more business cooperations with the clients in Indonesia and its neighbouring countries in future.