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China Building Materials Daily Follows up on
Industrial Products Big Data Platform



Since officially released in April 2014, CNBM Spares Mart (sparescloud.com)has attracted a wide attention from the building materials industry, generating much discussion about the concept of "big data". China Building Materials Daily has repeatedly reported CNBM Spares Mart, and claims that an excellent combination of Internet and traditional industries is setting off a new wave of technological innovation and industrial revolution.

China Building Materials Daily mentions, businesses will definitely become a major driving force for this platform. Large enterprises are more advantageous in applying big data. As a Fortune 500 company, CNBM Group plays a leading role and provides a reference for the building materials industry in terms of "big data" application. In "big data" era, CNBM continuously explores new knowledge and accumulates experience in IT construction. The building materials industry also faces its transformation. We have the confidence and ability to build a big data platform.

In April this year, CNBM Spares Mart was officially released. From April to September, CNBM Smart (spares.cnbmsmart.com) and CNBM Spares Mart (sparescloud.com)had been successively put into use, and launched the online store service in the end of September. As China Building Materials Daily said, "the rapid progress is derived from CNBM Group’s continuous efforts on IT construction, which makes CNBM be able to use his power in yielding great achievements for this industry , paving the way for our big data platform. ”

A Journalist expresses that cement industry accounts for a large volume in the building materials industry, and China's cement industry takes its place in the top rank of the world, which will be an advantage for building this platform. We are also strongly convinced that, with the support from CNBM Group and cement industry in China, we can build a big data platform of digitalization and intellectualization.

China Building Materials Daily, as a mainstream media of this industry, set up a special column in September this year, Applications about Big Data. The first core article, Big Data Is on the Way...... reports the progress of our work, and it also says that big data platform is a great incentive for this industry. This kind of motivation is more like an invisible power, spurring other building materials enterprises to actively participate in exploration of big data platform.

The APP Brings an Added Value for Industry Chain, an interview with the General Manager of our company, reports two mobile apps, Spares Mart and Performance Benchmarking. Spare Mart provides a one-stop online display and trading functions of spare parts. The Performance Benchmarking can compare and show the differences between various indexes of production line in cement plants and the overall performance of building materials industry, for improving production lines and increasing energy efficiency. These two apps, as free value-added services, have extended the scope of business, which also means that the future of our big data platform contains infinite possibilities.

From its launch till now, big data platform has received widespread attention and support. We also constantly enrich ourselves, in a bid to professionally push forward the digitalization and intellectualization for Building Materials Industry.