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Apacity Up-grading Project of Oman Cement Company Line 1


Oman Cement Company Line 1 is the first overseas clinker production capacity up-grading project for CNBM. This is the second cooperation between CNBM and Oman Cement Company. The production line, located southwest of Muscat, has been running for 30 years and been modified once . It is a tough test to all administrators and constructors because of compact construction space, high technical difficulties and harsh environment. 


The Project started on October 1st 2013. Despite the hurdles such as two-month delay of major equipment, visa rejection of constructors and the difficult conditions on site, the production line is successfully ignited on June 25th 2014 turning the impossible project duration into possible. The project achieved a win-win situation for both CNBM and Oman Cement Company. The project department gains recognition by the owner in progress, quality, safety and civilized construction, provoking great repercussions in Oman cement industry and winning CNBM an edge in developing the market in Oman and other the Middle East areas. In the meanwhile, this project was highly commended by the owner’s top management due to the fact that it was put in production on time and solves the problem of supply shortage for the owner.       
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