• Always Towards Excellence

      Based on our integrated services and intellectual property, we have undertaken hundreds of EPC, Modification and Maintenance projects since 1994. Especially in cement industry, we constructed lines varies from 1000TPD to 7000TPD,most of which became the benchmark project in those areas.

  • Always With You

      As an international company with many stakeholders, CNBM International Engineering appreciates cooperation with strategic partners, creates values for investors, protects benefits of suppliers and concerns development of sub-contractors.

  • Sustainable Development

      We put sustainable development as a high priority. Besides pursuit of economic benefits, we also pursue harmony among the market, the environment and the society through continuous improvement of developing mechanism and innovative CSR practice.

  • Growing Through Innovation

      Replying on its strong R&D capability, CNBM has developed cutting-edge technology in New Housing, New Energies and New Materials. CNBM Engineering is dedicated to transform these technologies into real business and services, driving the evolution of related industries.